SweatOUT believes that workouts should be affordable, social, fun and easy!

As students and travellers, we in SweatOUT have experienced the lack of available short-term instructed workout opportunities. SweatOUT is the solution to this problem! This application lets you work out with others outdoor in groups without charging a monthly fee – because by using SweatOUT you only pay per attended workout session!

Working out is for many students and travelers expensive, unsocial and boring. We in SweatOUT want to change that by introducing outdoor social workouts led by a certified instructor. Today there are more than 1.3 million* university students spread all over Australia, whereas 300 000 are international students, and it is also predicted to be over 6 000 000** travelers here visiting every year! We believe that most of these students and travelers could benefit from the affordable and social workout options that SweatOUT provide.

So, don’t limit yourself by paying a high fee with long-term commitment to an unsocial gym membership that doesn’t offer you the different workout types you need and want for exercising – join SweatOUT today!

Be social, have fun and enjoy our affordable sweat outs!

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** Tourism Australia (2017). Tourism Australia – Corporate Website. Visitor Arrivals Data. http://www.tourism.australia.com/statistics/arrivals.aspx